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Team Nyroca at a glance

Be inspired by our amazing team of professionals 

sarah and cowboy.JPG
sarah and cowboy.JPG

Sarah Harcourt



Nyroca Riding Centre introduces you to our talented Owner, Coach and Guide

Sarah Harcourt


Sarah has been a co-owner of Nyroca Riding Centre for the past three years and is thrilled to announce she is now the sole owner of NRC!


Sarah brings a level of professionalism and dedication to her clients that is unsurpassed. With a wealth of knowledge spanning a lifetime of riding horses and experience in all riding disciplines, Sarah has a passion for English and XC riding. You may however best recognise her from her other life away from Nyroca, famous all over the world for riding under her better known alias “That Brideless Girl”. Sarah is highly regarded in the industry for her gentle but effective breaking, and training methods for both horse and rider and upholds an esteemed reputation for being the leading brideless trainer and rider in Australia.


Sarah’s enthusiasm for equine education shines through in everything she does, and she is thrilled that her passion for equine welfare is now able to be brought to the forefront of her business. Upon taking over NRC Sarah’s immediate response was to prioritise a thoughtful management plan which has included the introduction of new horses, and a considered wellness and spelling schedule for her most valuable employees, the horses.


With a new riding team in the saddle, plus some of your favourite faces to remember, there is no doubt Nyroca Riding Centre has never looked better than under the carefully curated guidance of Sarah Harcourt.


NRC really is South Australia’s premier trail riding experience.

jamie and trin with hat.jpg

Jamie Donaldson

Trail Guide and Coach 


We are so excited to introduce Jamie to the Nyroca team in 2023. She brings a lifetime of horse riding experience and is a highly regarded trail rider.

In her free time she dabbles in dressage and jumping in both the Show Jumping and XC environments. Jamie is a diverse rider and has three horses of her own Trinity, Ophelia and Eddie.

Jamie is best known for her bubbly, warm, and welcoming personality. She  has a special talent with anxious riders, and young riders, and has a natural  ability to ground and focus both horses, and people alike. She has an unwavering commitment to ensuring everybody gets the absolute best out of their ride and tailoring every experience to the individual.

Her genuine caring and patient personality shines through in everything she does. Keep an eye out for Jamie out on the trails riding her gorgeous Palomino Pony Trinity, who is our special invited pony guest at Nyroca this season.

jamie and trin with hat.jpg
jenni and george .jpg
jenni and george .jpg

Jenni Hughes

Trail Guide and Coach 

Team Nyroca just got a little more exciting! Welcome Jenni Hughes. Any one who already knows Jenni from her other life as half of the insanely popular Instagram pair @curiousaboutgeorge, knows that Jenni is known first and foremost for her down to earth and very honest account of the horse world. Her authenticity in everything she does, makes her a refreshing change in an online world pushing the message of perfectionism. Regardless of if she is jumping a round double clear at 75cm, or ‘having a day’ struggling to get anything to come together, Jenni posts it as it is and compares herself to no one.

 Jenni features regularly in a multitude of advertising campaigns and is a sponsored rider for multiple equine clothing and product lines. Her charismatic, and outgoing personality are unmistakeable. Her adoration for her ‘ride or die’ Georgie, and her refusal to bow to expectations translate onto film in the most inspiring way.


A previous track rider for several accomplished racing stables in both South Australia and Victoria, Jenni is a high-octane rider who loves nothing more than galloping the trails and jumping anything that is in front of her. Her pure adoration and love for her horse George is evident in everything she does. George can often be seen sporting the latest ensemble from their endless matchy matchy collection in his notorious chilled out fashion.


A true lover of animals big and small Jenni spends her free time exploring Australia in her treasured 4x4 Navara Ute and posting about her free living 4WD adventures with her Border Collies Daisi and Oaklie .

Elise Twiggs

Client Services 

Elise first began riding horses a young child on her family farm. Self-taught, riding giveaway horses otherwise destined for slaughter. These horses often possessed undesirable traits and troubled minds. She held a deep desire to help others see the potential in such horses. She learned everything she knew from reading and watching countless hours of Parelli Horsemanship articles and videos. Often riding tac-less growing up, she still prefers a minimalist approach to riding when appropriate.

It wasn’t until much later in life Elise decided to invest in formal lessons. Through this she has developed a passion for dressage, and training methods that focus on confidence building and improving composition and technique.  Her interest in horsemanship has remained and she has also developed a passion for Masterton style body work.

Owner of Dallas Hills Equestrian, Elise has joined the Nyroca team in an administrative role. She has dedicated her time to improving the overall client experience and is working actively to improve the booking experience and online services. She brings with her high levels of organisation, and a passion for improving business processes and structures.


Elise’s main passion however is her family. Her two daughters Bailee and Harper, and her husband Chris are often seen about Nyroca immersing themselves in everything horses. A mother of two neurodiverse children, and a recently retired frontline first responder, Elise has a sound understanding of neuro-divergent adults and children as well as a sound understanding of PTSD and other depressive disorders associated with emergency service workers and military personnel. She is a vocal advocate for horses helping humans, and humans healing horses.

elise and dallas_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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