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Three Horses


To help you have the best experience possible, please take the time to read through our most frequently asked questions.

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How long do I arrive before my trail? We require all participants to arrive no less than 30 minutes prior to the start time of your trail. This allows time for you to be provided a safety briefing, be fitted for a helmet and complete waiver forms. Anyone bringing their own helmet will also be required to provide the helmet for inspection during this time, and prior to mounting. Arriving 30 minutes prior to your booking will ensure a relaxed and enjoyable start to your trail. Please be advised that trail riding guides will not be able to wait for late comers and the trail will depart on time regardless of participant attendance and will sadly result in a non-attendance being recorded if you have not been present for the safety briefing. To avoid disappointment please allow ample time when travelling to the Centre.


How do I find you and where do I go once I arrive? Nyroca Riding Centre is conveniently located at 1255 Gawler-One Tree Hill Road, Yattalunga SA 5114. Enter by the unmarked driveway and follow the road until you reached the closed gate with the security code panel. Press the gate code 7999 to enter then follow the road around to the left. Drive down to the second stable block and park on the left near the shedding and housing. NRC is located inside the second stable block and the green double doors will be open to welcome you on arrival. The office and sign-in is located in the first stable to your left upon entering the stable block. Your guide will welcome you at this location.

I have booked for two riders, but only paid for one rider -have I booked and paid correctly? At the time of booking, regardless of how many riders you book in, we will only ever take a small deposit for one rider. The remainder of the total fee for all participants is due on the day of your session. We currently accept cash, bank transfer and will very soon be adding an eftpos terminal to our facilities after August 31st 2023. If you have any questions or concerns about your booking, always be sure to get in touch with the booking department at


What do I need to wear, and bring with me? We require all riders to be wearing enclosed shoes that preferably reach your ankle or higher. Your best option is a shoe that additionally has a flat sole and a slightly raised heel at the back. Steel capped boots ARE NOT PERMITTED due to safety reasons. Due to the toe size on this style boot they often become wedged tightly inside the stirrup and are difficult to remove, this is a considerable safety concern as all riders must be able to dismount immediately in the event of an emergency, or have the ability for their foot to fall freely from the stirrup in the event of an unintended dismount. We also require you to wear full length sleeves to prevent sunburn and any potential for grazes. Please consider the weather conditions carefully when dressing for your trail ride, if it is cold a jacket is recommended. Riding gloves are recommended regardless of weather conditions but not essential. If the weather is particularly hot, a light weight, breathable long sleeve top will ensure the best comfort and sun protection. You must be wearing full length plants to be able to participate. Jodhpurs, jeans or other pants that are not made from slippery fabrics are recommended. It is not recommended you wear track style pants as they can often become quite slippery in the saddle and will make your ride difficult. Please ensure you have drinking water, and that you have applied sunscreen prior to your ride. Please thoroughly wash and dry your hands after applying sunscreen so they are not slippery when holding your reigns. Mobile phones and cameras are welcome at the Centre, and by agreement with your guide may be permitted for use while on the trail. Please be aware of the potential for them to be dropped, or damaged. Anyone carrying personal items such as a mobile phone or camera does so with the knowledge that any potential damage is the responsibility of the owner and not Nyroca Riding Centre.


Do you provide helmets, or can I bring my own helmet? The Centre has helmets on site that are available for you to hire at the additional cost of $5 per helmet. You are welcome to ride in your own helmet, however it must comply with current EA standards, be less than ten years since it was manufactured, and it will be inspected by your guide prior to mounting to ensure there are no cracks, damage, and to ensure its general good condition and appropriate fit. Non horse riding helmets such as bike, water sport, or rock climbing helmets are not permitted to be used.


Will my ride be cancelled due to poor weather, or can I cancel my ride due to the weather? We ride in most conditions except a few. Hot weather days where the temperature is forecast to be 38 degrees or higher, all trails after 11am will be cancelled and all participants will be notified and either rebooked or refunded. Extreme storm conditions such as hail, thunder and lightening will result in the guide cancelling the ride. We will always make participants aware of cancellations as soon as possible so that we can either rebook, or refund you. If you require to cancel your session due to your own reasons we require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please refer to our cancellation policy for full details.


Can I book private trails, special events or birthday parties at NRC? Yes! We are very excited to announce that starting August 31st 2023 we will be providing bookings for private trails, special events and Birthday parties. We will also have food and beverage options for you to select at an additional cost. Be sure to email the bookings team at to discuss your needs and be provided with a personalized package for your special occasion.


How do I purchase a gift voucher? You can purchase a gift voucher on our website at or email the bookings team at


What are the minimum ages for trail riding? Our minimum age for people to take part in trail riding is 10 years or older. We are not able to accommodate younger riders on trails, but can provide options within the sand arena for riders over 5 years of age.


Can I ride with my young child upfront sharing one horse with me? No, for the safety of our riders and our horses we are unable to accommodate this and have a one horse one rider policy that will not be reconsidered under any circumstance.


How do I pay my balance? We currently accept cash, bank transfer and will very soon be adding an eftpos terminal to our facilities after August 31st 2023. If you have any questions or concerns about your booking, always be sure to get in touch with the booking department at

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